Our Research and Services

The aim of the Australasian Radiopharmaceutical Trials Network is to provide a single point of entry for investigators to access appropriate facilities to answer their research or clinical questions using nuclear medicine procedures.

Potential users of the network include external organisations (such as pharmaceutical companies), clinical trial groups using functional imaging as an endpoint (e.g. oncology trials using FDG PET/CT) and investigator-initiated trials from within members of the Network.

What We Do

  • Provide advice on appropriate facilities with access to gamma cameras, SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET/CT and PET/MRI in Australia and NZ for use in clinical trials;
  • Assist external organisations in protocol design for clinical trials utilising  radionuclide imaging and/or therapy
  • Perform camera validation and oversee maintenance of appropriate quality standards for performing longitudinal studies
  • Verify quantification capabilities and limitations at trial sites
  • Support “own account” activities to develop new imaging and therapeutic protocols
  • Facilitate large-scale data collection exercises to gather clinical information to support data generation regarding introduction of new technologies into clinical practice)
  • Provide an ARTnet radiopharmaceutical accreditation program which includes development of the Production Manual and worksheets, perform a site visit, and review all completed validation runs.

Current Activity

Technical validation for TROG 12.02 PET trial site initiation (on behalf of TROG)
ARTnet Camera Validation Program

This program utilises the ARTnet phantom to document PET or SPECT camera performance for clinical trials. The ARTnet phantom assessment can be used for either:

  1. a ‘general’ assessment of an imaging device (SPECT or PET camera) to document basic performance under standard conditions, not attached to any particular trial, or
  2. a ‘specific’ assessment designed to determine the suitability of imaging equipment for an individual clinical trial.

The general assessment might be performed to validate a site as a potential partner in future unspecified clinical imaging trials, whereas the specific assessment would focus on the defined needs of a particular clinical imaging trial in question.

For further information see: ARTnet Camera Validation Programme FAQ (pdf)

Request Form: ARTnet Camera Validation Request Form (pdf)

Contact Us

The Australasian Radiopharmaceutical Trials Network is interested to hear from any researchers who have ideas for multicentre trials or other research projects. Please complete the New Proposal Form below for review at the next Scientific Committee meeting.

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To discuss any proposals, please click here to contact Scientific Committee Chair.